We are continually looking for new ideas and projects to conserve natural resources while maintaining agricultural productivity on the Palouse. If our current services don’t meet your needs, let’s talk.

Precision Ag cost share

We can provide funds to help you upgrade your equipment for precision seeding and spraying. In addition to increasing farm productivity and efficiency, precision ag technology reduces the potential for over-application and runoff, thus improving water quality. We are currently seeking funding.

Direct seed cost share

We can help you apply for funding to cover the costs of direct seeding equipment purchase or rental. Direct seeding results in many benefits including reduced erosion, improved soil health, and increased farm efficiency.

Habitat restoration

We have several funding sources to tap into for restoring habitat, especially near waterways. These ‘riparian buffers’ provide cover and food for wildlife and improve water quality by reducing erosion and filtering fine sediments and nutrients that would otherwise runoff from neighboring fields.

Fire recovery

If your property was affected by fire in 2020 or 2021, we can apply for funding to replace fence, reseed grass, control weeds, and replant trees and shrubs.

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