Agricultural Burn Permits

The Pine Creek CD is an authorized permitting agency for the Washington Department of Ecology agricultural burning program. For complete information visit the Department of Ecology’s Agricultural burning & permitting website.

Getting a permit from Pine Creek Conservation District

Walk-ins at the office for burn permits are welcome – please confirm that someone will be there by calling 509 339 3808. Applications made at the office can usually be processed in less than 30 minutes. Otherwise applications can be picked up from a folder on the office door or downloaded using the instructions below.

1. Determine if you need a permit:

Permit needed for:

  • Post-harvest field and crop residue
  • Cereal grain stubble
  • Small spots in fields
  • Bales
  • Orchard and field flaming

No permit needed for:

  • Fence rows
  • Ditch banks
  • Irrigation canals
  • Annual orchard prunings
  • Windblown tumbleweeds

2. Determine the permit you need based on what you are burning and how much using the list below

3. Click the permit name to download the application or pick up an application at the office, 401 SR 27N, Oakesdale WA 99158

4. Write a check to Pine Creek Conservation District for the amount determined on your application and send to PO Box 328, Oakesdale WA 99158 or drop off at the office door slot.

Call or email Casey with any questions: 509 339 3808 or

Permit types –

Spot burn permit – $37.50
For burning areas that are 1/2 acre or less, up to a total of 10 acres per year, such as small weed patches, spots of heavy residue, equipment plugs and dumps. Click here for spot burn best management practices.

Field burn permit – $37.50 for 0-10 acres, $3.75 for each additional acre
For burning crop residue and cereal grain stubble after harvest to reduce excess plant material. Click here for burning cereal grain crops best management practices.

Baled residue burn permit – $37.50
For burning broken, mildewed, diseased, or pest-ridden bales from 10 acres or less, or a maximum equivalent of 2 tons per acre. Click here for bale burning best management practices.

Other permits that are rarely needed in our area but are available are the pile burn permit and the Conservation Reserve Program burn permit.

Locally led grassroots conservation in partnership with private landowners and producers

Email or call to discuss your needs
509 339 3808 (cell)
509 285 5122 (office)

Pine Creek CD office
401 State Route 27
Oakesdale WA 99158

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