Fire Recovery

If your property has been effected by fire, we can apply for funding to reimburse you for rebuilding fences, seeding unstable slopes, controlling weeds, and planting shrubs and trees for wildlife habitat. To be eligible, projects must be on working agricultural or tiber land and address a resource concern like soil erosion or water quality. Residential property is not eligible.

Funding application process –
Due June 15 but early application is encouraged

1. Fill out webform below or fill out paper applicant info form.
2. Pine Creek CD will call to talk about your objectives and schedule a site visit.
3. Pine Creek CD staff will come out for a site visit to document current conditions, gather info on resource concerns, and get coordinates for making a map of the project area.
4. Pine Creek CD will work with you to complete an application and submit it to Washington State Conservation Commission.
5. If rewarded, Pine Creek CD will notify you and help with any permitting.
6. You will complete the project and submit all receipts and timesheets to Pine Creek CD.
7. Pine Creek CD will reimburse 100% of your expenses after project is complete.

Start your application by using the form below, or contact Casey by phone at 509 339 3808.

Locally led grassroots conservation in partnership with private landowners and producers

Email or call to discuss your needs
509 339 3808 (cell)
509 285 5122 (office)

Pine Creek CD office
401 State Route 27
Oakesdale WA 99158

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