Equipment Rental

The Pine Creek CD owns a Steiger 9 cubic yard Carry-All implement that is available for landowners to rent to promote resource stewardship and land management. The equipment is also available to support partnering organizations, restoration projects, and other land management projects.

Steiger Carry-All

Rent for $100 per day

Equipment rental process

1. Make reservation below
2. Get confirmation from Pine Creek CD
3. Read and sign Equipment Rental Agreement
4. Pick up and use
5. Drop off and notify Pine Creek CD

Request a reservation in advance by using the form below, by phone at 509 285 5122, or via email to PCCD staff will confirm your reservation.

Locally led grassroots conservation in partnership with private landowners and producers

Email or call to discuss your needs
509 339 3808 (cell)
509 285 5122 (office)

Pine Creek CD office
401 State Route 27
Oakesdale WA 99158

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